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Author: John Clarence
John Clarence
Author: Tom Whittle
Tom Whittle

Clarence began his writing career as editor for Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, Robert V. Cox, and later as a novelist. The Gold House exposé is his first effort as an investigative journalist. Clarence’s six-year investigation unveiled the truth about the Victorio Peak treasure...and its fate.

Whittle learned about the treasure in 1973 while serving as an Army officer at Fort Bliss. He later worked with Pulitzer Prize-winner columnist Jack Anderson probing reports that LBJ had stolen the gold. A veteran Tom Tykwer Cloud Atlas Ost downloads journalist, Whittle has received many awards for reporting and editorial excellence.

The Gold House Project - The True Historical Account of the Victorio Peak Treasure

Until now there has been no exhaustive investigation into one of the most important, historical discoveries that took place in the American Southwest during the 1930s. The Gold House trilogy is the first comprehensive probe into this mystery. The work actually began in the 1970s when journalist Tom Whittle conducted interviews and explored the possibility that the Victorio Peak treasure was real and that the military at White Sands Missile Range was suspected of being involved with the illegal removal of enormous amounts of gold from the discovery site. Another investigation began in 2003 when writer John Clarence conducted a parallel investigation and study of the facts concerning the treasure’s existence and that of its discoverers, Doc and Ova Noss. Now, seventy-five years after the treasure was discovered, the results of Clarence and Whittle’s efforts are revealed in the three books of The Gold House: The Gold House––The Discovery, The Gold House––The Lies, The Thefts, and The Gold House––Executive Order. Now you can read what really happened at Victorio Peak.

The Gold House Trilogy

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