Book 1: "The Discovery"

Here is the true story of Victorio Peak beginning when Doc and Ova discovered the treasure in 1937. Book one reveals the tricks played by the government, especially the Treasury. Doc’s drinking problems eventually led to his imprisonment. In 1949 Doc’s business partner, Charley Ryan, murdered him. Six years later, the Command at White Sands Proving Ground evicted Ova from the treasure site.

Book 2: "The Lies, The Thefts"

Here is the poignant account of thefts of gold from the Noss treasure on White Sands Missile Range by U.S. Army personnel and others, reportedly including Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. The authors expose Johnson’s alleged role in illegal removal of a vast quantity of gold bars from the site, with documents and sources also pointing to Nixon’s involvement in a separate theft in 1973 of more than 36 tons of gold.

Book 3: "Executive Order"

On November 29, 1989, President George H.W. Bush signed House Bill H.R. 2461 into law (Public Law 101-189), which allowed the Ova Noss Family Partnership to conduct a search for the Noss treasure. After the search began, lies, extortion and huge overcharges by the White Sands accounting office followed. This investigation proves that the profits made from ONFP’s payments to the accounting office went into the “General’s Kitty,” cash that was spent frivolously on luxury items unrelated to the expedition.

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