Book 1: The Discovery

It was at Victorio Peak that Doc and Ova Noss brought into modern awareness the existence of a massive treasure they had discovered in the Hembrillo Basin, a nearly uninhabitable desert expanse situated on the current-day White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. It is here, during the 1930s and ‘40s, that the portrayal of Doc and Ova Noss is best told, a poignant story of their lives together when they searched, sacrificed, and sustained a primitive existence in an ancient rock structure situated near the slopes of Victorio Peak, a place the Noss family called the Rock House. Doc was Paramore Paramore download free predominantly Cheyenne Indian, Ova was divorced with four children when they first met. Finally, in 1935, after years of searching, Doc came upon an entrance shaft at the top of Victorio Peak that led to the caverns where a treasure of vast proportions lay hidden. From that moment on Doc and Ova’s lives were altered drastically.

The discovery occurred during the Great Depression at a time when possessing gold was forbidden under The Gold Reserve Act of 1934. However, the gold they found was excluded under the GRA, but that didn’t keep the Secret Service from tracking their every move. Not only had they found an enormous treasure of gold and ancient antiquities, there were many witnesses who had seen and held many of the gold bars Doc had removed from the treasure rooms. At the advice of their attorney, Doc, Ova, and Letha (Ova’s daughter) drove to the U.S. Mint in Denver, Colorado and turned over some of the gold bars, for which they received a receipt for $97,000.00, but no cash. Tell us where the gold is located, and then we’ll consider paying you, they told Doc.

Now, under great pressure to remove and safeguard the treasure, Doc began to drink, heavily, and with it came more problems. Many times he was arrested and jailed for drunkenness and fighting, but he was always released with a small fine. FBI agents, who tracked Doc’s activities regularly, often relayed such reports to Ova. It was in Roswell, New Mexico that Doc waived a gun inside Ann’s Place, a stunt that resulted in a prison term. Then, after serving only part of his prison sentence, he was released and pardoned by New Mexico Governor Clyde Tingley. Doc returned to Hot Springs where he continued with his footcare business and his efforts to raise the Victorio Peak treasure. It was during this time period that Doc, with the help of his attorneys, William Scoggin and Benjamin Newell, he formed The Cheyenne Mining Company; his attorneys did the legal work in turn for a share of the gold inside Victorio Peak. It was also during this same period that Doc made arrangements to meet with FDR to discuss the treasure, but bad luck came when a dynamite blast collapsed the entrance to the caverns. Doc began drinking again, Treasury agents continued to pursue him, then Doc disappeared. When he returned two years later, he had remarried; unknown to Ova their marriage had been annulled in Oklahoma. Soon after that, Doc returned to Victorio Peak with his business partner, Charley Ryan. It wasn’t long afterwards that Ryan murdered Doc. During the trial, Benjamin Newell, Doc’s former attorney, was Ryan’s defense lawyer and William Scoggin, now a judge, presided over Ryan’s murder trial. Ryan was found not guilty. Matters got worse: the Army evicted Ova from her claim and military personnel from an adjoining Air Force base entered Victorio Peak and re-discovered one of the treasure rooms. It wasn’t long until the Army began to illegally remove a large part of the Noss treasure trove, an act the military denied.

The Gold House Trilogy - Book 1:

"The Discovery"

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