Book 3: Executive Order

General William Baumer The third book of the trilogy, The Gold House––Executive Order, is the first complete and documented account of the return to Victorio Peak by Ova Noss’ grandson, Terry Delonas. It continues the saga of events surrounding Victorio Peak from 1981 until the Ova Noss Family Partnership (ONFP) was driven download VA Reggaeton Beats Vol. 10 (The Very Best Of) from the treasure site by military personnel in the late 1990s. The story includes how Terry was informed in 1981 by a retired Army general, William Baumer, that only half of the treasure had been removed from the Peak. Terry was given a verbal guarantee by Baumer that if he signed over ownership of the remaining treasure to a list of foreign entities provided by Baumer, President Ronald Reagan would issue an executive order allowing the Noss family to return to the site. The family would be given 1 percent of the treasure.

The meeting with Baumer took place in the fall of 1981, shortly after Tom Whittle’s article on the Victorio Peak treasure appeared in The Investigator magazine. A stockbroker invited Terry to a meeting in a posh hotel in Palm Springs, California. Terry was told it would be a public-information meeting regarding the formation of a new company, but it turned out to be a fundraiser hosted by the Secretary of the Interior, James Watt. After the fundraiser ended, the stockbroker escorted Terry to a private meeting room. There he was introduced to General Baumer and other individuals whom Baumer said were associated with the CIA. The thrust of the backroom meeting was to assure Terry that he and his family would be allowed entrance to Victorio Peak, the stipulation being they needed to assign all rights to the Noss treasure to a foreign corporation, details of which were outlined at the meeting. Terry explained what happened, in part:

President Reagan ...General Baumer informed me that the group wanted me to obtain a power of attorney from my mother and my aunt, assigning me as the sole arbiter of all things regarding Victorio Peak. He said that I was going to sign over the rights to what was left in Victorio Peak to a list of corporations and institutions that he would provide to me. He said that they were going to give me a contract, under the terms of which my family and I would get to keep one percent of everything salvaged from Victorio Peak. Baumer said, “We’re going to take you into President Reagan’s office in a matter of weeks and he’s going to issue an executive order allowing you to go to Victorio Peak and salvage the material. You’re going to assign it to these institutions and corporations.”

They included a foreign stock exchange where they convert money for the Central Intelligence Agency, a presidential library used to launder excess campaign contributions and other monies casually mentioned. At this point I was not sure what to think of the people I had met in this room. I thought at first they might be putting on a charade, or they might be former CIA people trying to do something on their own. I asked why would I do this, thinking of my grandfather and grandmother, then believing all of it, or at least a much larger percentage than one percent rightfully belonged to my family. General Baumer responded and said, ‘Your family is in danger.’ He added that if I did as he instructed, they would not be in danger and he would protect us. When I asked why my family was in danger, he said that anybody could be taken out. Someone sitting nearby said, ‘Look at what we did to Martha Mitchell. We could put one grain of plutonium in your mother’s pillow and she’ll be dead of brain cancer in less than a year.’

I indicated in all seriousness that they were scaring me, particularly in light of past threats and acts of violence against members of my family in connection with Victorio Peak. I told them that I was not sure that I wanted to be involved with them. They just patted me on the back, and Baumer said, “This is a great thing you’re going to do for your country. This is the only way Victorio Peak is going to be opened.” I said that my family believed that what had been in Victorio Peak had been removed. General Baumer said, “Half of it was. But we were stopped.” Then he said, “We’ve known about this for decades and the CIA has been trying to get their hands on it.” He said, “Your family is the key. You’re going to get enough for your mother, your aunt, and everybody else in the family to live comfortably, but you are going to make these assignments.”

... I have also since learned that documentation exists to show Baumer had a history of working for the CIA.


Terry was upset when he related the story, explaining that his entire family had been terrified and bewildered as to why anyone in the U.S. Government would act so ruthlessly against them. It had not been two years since Ova had died in the Bahamas, and now, considering the threats made by Baumer, Terry said he became convinced that Ova had been murdered. In the same recorded interview with John Clarence, Terry said, “Somehow they did it.”

But Terry refused to be cowed by threats. Instead, he formed the Ova Noss Family Partnership and petitioned President George H.W. Bush to allow the new exploration. Permission was granted and the exploration moved forward.

From the inception of the project, however, ONFP was plagued with unexplainable White Sands accounting procedures, ludicrous overcharges, falsified billings, fraud, ridicule, scorn and, in general, hurdles and barriers that made it virtually impossible to function. The combination of these and other factors ultimately drove the project into ruin, which appears to have been the aim of various officials within the government. Accounts of these activities are a matter of public record, but the crimes and misconduct that occurred have to date largely escaped public scrutiny. As a consequence, this page of American history as it relates to this obscure corner of the great American Southwest has never been told until now.

Years before ONFP was formed, elaborate plans to loot the Noss treasure trove had been set in motion, plans that involved at least one CIA operative, shadowy individuals within the Treasury Department, a number of White Sands generals and high-ranking subordinate officers, and at least two U.S. Presidents. The thefts were barely investigated. Worse yet, when the role of Army personnel was exposed, as it was during Nixon’s presidency, documents show the FBI and a White Sands commanding general covered up the thefts in a bogus military inquiry conducted in 1974.

Military officers abide by an oath of office. Lying to the national community at any time constitutes perjury, unless justified by issues of national security. The oath of office for all military officers:

“I, having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of (rank) do solemnly swear, or affirm, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; so help me God.”


“It would be impossible to conjure up a more detailed, irrefutable and shocking account of greed, corruption, deceit and mortiferous behavior permeating the highest offices of our government. Even senior military Commanders set aside military ethos as their quest for illicit gold trumps the pillars of duty, honor, and country.

“The disturbing truth of The Gold House is that this story is not the product of a fanciful imagination. It is the painstaking compilation and presentation of colossal antiquities theft, covert meetings, surreptitious financial transactions, and cover-ups conducted with the acquiescence and active participation of former sitting Presidents of the United States of America. The Gold House is a jaw-dropping exposé that usurps all other conspiracy stories of our time.”

––Colonel Gerald Schumacher, U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.)
Author: A Bloody Business


“...When the Army is involved, things happen by command and cover––and leaks, as was the case at Victorio Peak on White Sands Missile Range in the 1990s. Gold will gradually rise and converge upwards into the hands of those who are in power. Clarence and Whittle say it best: ‘A story of the erosion of the rule of law by our government leaders and the attack on our freedoms in America.’ The Gold House trilogy is the call to re-open Victorio Peak. Thank you, John Clarence. Thank you, Tom Whittle.”

––Barr McClellan, Attorney*
New York Times best selling author
*Mr. McClellan was an attorney for LBJ and the Johnson interests from 1966 through 1977


“This astounding and disturbing story moves the reader from a gold strike in the 1930s through a 1949 murder and later in time into the highest levels of the U.S. Government and the military at White Sands...”

–– Jim Marrs, Journalist
New York Times best selling author


“This trilogy is a tour de force of research and reporting. Meticulously researched and explosive in the revelations it uncovers. This is an account of a onetime hidden gold treasure in a cave at Victorio Peak, located at today's White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. Drawing on more than a decade of government documents and personal interviews the authors uncovered information that will require scholars and commentators of modern U.S. political history to reevaluate the presidencies of Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon. The gold fever that struck President Nixon and the machinations he engaged in to raid the Victorio Peak riches shunted the Watergate scandal aside as little more than a sophomoric romp by comparison.”

—Gerald D. McKnight, professor emeritus of history at Hood College
Author: Breach of Trust: How the Warren Commission Failed the Nation and Why

The Gold House Trilogy - Book 3:

"Executive Order"

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