The True, Untold Story of Victorio Peak

The events described in the three books of The Gold House were taken from the accounts of many eyewitnesses, affidavits, U.S. Army and government memorandums, letters and transcribed phone conversations, official military photographs, private photographs and letters and documents from the personal papers found in the Noss family archives. The major single source of the records used in writing this story were the official discovery documents (more than 80,000 items) belonging to the Ova Noss Family Partnership. Terry Delonas, ONFP’s General Partner, provided those important records and immeasurable assistance in the development of this epic project.

The presentation you are about to read is the story of a place the Native Indians of the American Southwest referred to as their power mountain, the command at White Sands Missile Range refers to it as Soledad, and the Central Intelligence Agency code-named Deep Space. The Federal Bureau of Investigation referred to this particular place in a top-secret Letterhead Memorandum as a level four confidential under classified OPERATIONS number 62385-11. Today the White House refers to this place as case number WH 22036, but is better known to many people as—Victorio Peak.

The Gold House Trilogy

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