New Book Series Exposes Gold Theft by U.S. Government Officials

The Gold House Trilogy probes the theft of an ancient treasure from Victorio Peak at White Sands Missile Range, NM, tracing billions of dollars in stolen gold—with evidence pointing to the involvement of two former U.S. presidents.

Las Cruces, NM (PRWEB) June 14, 2013

Hundreds of exclusive interviews, affidavits, money-laundering agreements, military records, bank letters, FBI reports and other documents support the allegations made. “Investigating the crimes was an eight-year effort,” say the authors, investigative journalists John Clarence and Tom Whittle. While some investigated this issue before, none were successful in presenting the volume of evidence necessary to put forth a convincing argument until now.

Book 1, The Discovery, the first book of The Gold House trilogy, reports how two New Mexico residents, Doc and Ova Noss, searched for, found, and removed a small portion of a vast hoard of gold at a site named Victorio Peak. It details events leading to Doc’s murder and Ova's subsequent eviction from the site by military personnel. Jim Marrs, journalist and New York Times best-selling author, wrote, “This astounding and disturbing story moves the reader from a gold strike in the 1930s through a 1949 murder and later in time into the highest levels of government.”

Book 2, The Lies the Thefts, illuminates a chapter in American history marked by theft, murder and deepest secrecy in which, sources state, Presidents Johnson and Nixon were pivotal figures. During the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings in 1973, John Dean came close to parting the curtain on the affair when he said attorney F. Lee Bailey “had a client who had an enormous amount of gold in his possession….”

I was hooked, unable to close the covers of this unique treasure hunt, the homicides and the abuses of power. The trail of witnesses and paper and gold extractions seems never to end.

Doc and Ova Noss

Barr McClellan, New York Times best-selling author and an attorney for LBJ and the Johnson interests from 1966 through 1977, said, “I was hooked, unable to close the covers of this unique treasure hunt, the homicides and the abuses of power. The trail of witnesses and paper and gold extractions seems never to end. In other words, the evidence is overwhelming, a monumental gathering of the facts and the presentation of those facts by John Clarence and Tom Whittle; America is greatly benefited by these two men. The Gold House books present enough polygraph exams, bank records, warehouse receipts and much more, more than enough to take to a jury, and win.”

Book 3, Executive Order, continues the narrative after Terry Delonas, grandson of Ova Noss, obtained permission from President George H.W. Bush in 1992 to mount the Victorio Peak Project, an expedition to recover what remained of what had once been the nation’s largest treasure. But Delonas and his crew encountered an unending series of barriers that made their task impossible.

Of the series, Colonel Gerald Schumacher, U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret.) and author of A Bloody Business, wrote, “It would be impossible to conjure up a more detailed, irrefutable and shocking account of greed, corruption, deceit and mortiferous behavior permeating the highest offices of our government.”

About John Clarence:
Clarence began his writing career as editor for Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, Robert V. Cox, and later as a novelist. The Gold House exposé is his first effort as an investigative journalist.

About Tom Whittle:
A veteran journalist, Whittle has received many awards for reporting and editorial excellence.

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